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My Role at the Museum of Science, Boston "Routinely mitigating seemingly no-win scenarios to amicable resolution"

Updated: Mar 2

In my capacity as a Product Management Leader at the Museum of Science, Boston, I serve as the principal advocate for product management in all daily operations concerning the deployment of CRM products or enhancements. I function as a pivotal resource for the team, ensuring that critical issues are promptly escalated to leadership when warranted.

One of my key responsibilities entails spearheading the execution of the Museum's digital and technology roadmap within the CRM domain. Collaborating closely with internal and external development teams, I ensure a comprehensive understanding of our CRM products' objectives and priorities. Moreover, I lead the prioritization and crafting of the CRM Tech roadmap, concentrating on delivering value to various stakeholders, including guests, internal teams (Visitor Services Team, Digital Team, Customer Experience, Marketing, Finance), and the overarching business objectives.

I focus on deciphering both internal and external business challenges within the CRM landscape, offering recommendations for implementing best practices to enhance our CRM products, processes, and services. Collaboration is integral, and I actively engage with all relevant teams, including creative and technology, to gather comprehensive requirements for all CRM projects.

To ensure the delivery of top-notch CRM products, I leverage industry best practices, conduct thorough competitive research, and employ data-driven analysis tools within the digital realm.

I believe in meticulous documentation and proficient issue management within the CRM domain. I, as part of the larger team, craft detailed CRM product specifications, opportunity documents, and comprehensive release notes. Proficient in drafting JIRA tickets and crafting user stories tailored to CRM, I also adeptly manage the logging and triaging of incoming CRM-related issues, questions, and ideas.

Beyond my product management duties, I play a significant role in CRM vendor and budget management at the Museum of Science, Boston. Collaborating closely with our Director of Technology, I oversee CRM technology vendor relations, contracts, and budgetary allocations, ensuring seamless alignment of our CRM initiatives with the Museum's overarching financial goals and strategies.

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