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Pete is currently Director of Product Management, CRM at the Museum of Science, Boston, where he collaborates with diverse teams to ensure the effective utilization of the CRM platform. With over nine years of consulting experience, he has helped major brands like Albertsons, Home Depot, Equifax, UPS, Cox Communications, and Verizon Wireless to transform their digital strategies and optimize their marketing technologies.

His core competencies include CRM strategy and implementation, marketing automation and personalization, data analysis and integration, digital transformation and consulting, and business and technology alignment. Pete's mission is to drive engagement, boost revenue growth, and enhance customer and user satisfaction by tailoring the CRM platform to deliver targeted and personalized communication. He is passionate about bridging the gap between business and technology, driving organizational transformation, and creating personalized digital experiences.


  • He possesses solid commercial awareness, with a deep understanding of macroeconomics and environmental factors, which he utilizes to assess the commercial implications of decisions.

  • He is a strategic thinker, proficient at defining, articulating, and advancing strategic objectives to successful completion.

  • His skill set includes the ability to establish and oversee relationships with a diverse range of stakeholders on both local and global levels, whether internal or external to the organization.

  • He excels at influencing cross-functionally to achieve desired outcomes.

  • He maintains a sharp focus on innovation and the identification of opportunities for continuous improvement.

  • His written communication and presentation skills are robust and effective.

  • He approaches risk management proactively and exhibits sound judgment when assessing potential risks, whether they are strategic or operational, to the organization.

  • He manages Program/Product Management: from inception, launch, and maintenance activities, creating associated documentation and project roadmaps.

  • He provides Creative Leadership and communications direction, support, and feedback to teams to create a productive, efficient, and creative work environment. Devises and executes detailed organization-wide and departmental communications plans.

  • Methodologies: Waterfall, PRINCE II, Agile, SCRUM, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Kanban.

Skills Overview

  1. Product Management Skills:

    • Addressable Market Opportunity: I understand how to identify and assess market opportunities for my products.

    • Business Modeling: I can create and analyze business models to ensure the viability and success of my products.

    • Feature Prioritization: I can effectively prioritize features based on their importance and impact on the product's success.

    • Release Management: I have experience in successfully managing product releases, ensuring they meet the required standards and timelines.

  2. Knowledge of Marketing Technologies:

    • Data Management and Integration Principles: I have a strong understanding of data management and integration principles, especially within marketing technologies.

    • Familiarity with SaaS Solutions: I am knowledgeable about various marketing technology SaaS solutions, including Adobe, Salesforce, HubSpot, and others.

  3. Project Prioritization and Management:

    • Prioritization Across Multiple Work Streams: I can effectively manage multiple goals, deadlines, timelines, scopes, and resources across different work streams.

  4. Communication and Collaboration:

    • Effective Communication: I have strong communication skills, particularly in written communication. This is important for conveying information to both technical and non-technical team members.

    • Collaboration Skills: I am adept at working with cross-functional teams, which is crucial for successful product development and management.

  5. Proven Delivery in MarTech Stack:

    • Solutions for MarTech Stack: I have a track record of delivering solutions within Marketing Technology (MarTech). This includes components for content management/delivery, web analytics, platform optimization, digital asset management, digital events, and social media integration.

Professional Summary:

Current Role: Director of Product Management, CRM at the Museum of Science, Boston.

  • Experience: Over nine years in consulting, working with major brands like Albertsons, Home Depot, Equifax, UPS, Cox Communications, and Verizon Wireless.

  • Core Competencies:

    • CRM strategy and implementation

    • Marketing automation and personalization

    • Data analysis and integration

    • Digital transformation and consulting

    • Business and technology alignment

Skills Highlights:

  • Solid commercial awareness

  • Strategic thinker

  • Relationship building on local and global levels

  • Cross-functional influence

  • Focus on innovation and continuous improvement

  • Robust written communication and presentation skills

  • Proactive risk management

  • Program/Product Management expertise

  • Creative Leadership & Communications direction

  • Familiarity with methodologies: Waterfall, PRINCE II, Agile, SCRUM, Safe Agile, Kanban


  • Lycoming College: Bachelor of Arts

Professional Experience:

Current Roles:

Director, Product Management, CRM (Grant Funded)

  • Museum of Science, Boston

  • Since November 2022

  • Reporting to the Chief Digital Officer

  • Collaboration with diverse teams for effective CRM platform utilization

  • Focus on driving engagement, boosting revenue growth, and enhancing user satisfaction

Principal Consultant

  • P. A. Coughlin and Associates, LLC

  • Since June 2014

  • Business and communications consulting firm

  • Expertise in digital strategy and MarTech

  • Project Highlights: Worked with Albertsons, Kaiser Permanente, Verizon, Cox Communications, Equifax

Earlier Roles:

  • Senior Digital Product Manager (Albertsons)

  • Senior Digital Product Manager-Digital Experience Management (Kaiser Permanente)

  • Digital Marketing Cloud Consultant (Verizon)

  • Adobe Campaign Program Manager (Cox Communications)

  • Renaissance Portfolio Manager (Equifax)

  • Head of Global Events, Digital User Experiences & Creative Services (MWV)

  • Director, Strategic Projects, Program Management Office, and New Product Development (GSMA)

  • Senior Manager/Director -Global Events Marketing, Corporate CMO (Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia)

Achievements and Highlights:

  • Successfully managed major digital transformation projects

  • Led global teams and launched new products/events

  • Significant cost savings through vendor consolidation

  • Proven success in optimizing marketing operations

  • Extensive experience in CRM strategy and implementation


  • Rapid acquisition of new technologies

  • Effective communication with both business and technical audiences

  • Strong problem-solving skills

  • Efficient management of multiple tasks and projects

  • Relationship-building and decision-making influence

  • Coordination and integration of resources

  • Expertise in various applications and systems supporting business processes

Peter Coughlin is a seasoned professional with a diverse skill set and a track record of successful projects in CRM, digital strategy, and marketing technology. His extensive experience in both consulting and leadership roles positions him as a valuable asset in driving organizational transformation and creating personalized digital experiences.

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