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Pete Coughlin

Digital Products and Programs Leader




Boston, MA 02118

Atlanta, GA 30308

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A Bit About Me

Summary: Accomplished professional with a proven track record of rapidly mastering new

technologies and effectively communicating complex ideas across diverse audiences. Skilled in written,

verbal, and interpersonal communication, coupled with a strong aptitude for problem-solving and

project management. Adept at handling multiple tasks and strategic relationship building while

influencing key decision-making processes. Technically proficient in managing business processes

through applications and systems including Agile project management, quality assurance, CRM

strategies, and cloud services. Committed to driving organizational change and enhancing digital

experiences, I aim to bridge the gap between business needs and technological solutions, boosting

engagement, increasing revenue growth, and improving customer satisfaction through personalized

communication strategies.

Skills Highlights: 

  • He possesses solid commercial awareness, with a deep understanding of macroeconomics and environmental factors, which he utilizes to assess the commercial implications of decisions.

  • He is a strategic thinker, proficient at defining, articulating, and advancing strategic objectives to successful completion.

  • His skill set includes the ability to establish and oversee relationships with a diverse range of stakeholders on both local and global levels, whether internal or external to the organization.

  • He excels at influencing cross-functionally to achieve desired outcomes.

  • He maintains a sharp focus on innovation and the identification of opportunities for continuous improvement.

  • His written communication and presentation skills are robust and effective.

  • He approaches risk management proactively and exhibits sound judgment when assessing potential risks, whether they are strategic or operational, to the organization.

  • He oversees Program and Product Management from inception to launch, including maintenance activities and the creation of associated documentation and project roadmaps.

  • He provides Creative Leadership & Communications direction, support, and feedback to teams to create a productive, efficient, and creative work environment. Devises and executes detailed organization-wide and departmental communications plans.

Methodologies: Waterfall, PRINCE II, Agile (including SCRUM, Safe Agile), Kanban, Lean/Six Sigma, OCM, PMBOK, ITIL, SDLC.

Systems/Tools: Google Analytics, Smartsheets, Sprout Social, Smart Waiver, MS Office 365, JIRA, Confluence, OwnBackUp, Azure DevOps (ADO), ServiceNow, Classy, Twilio, HubSpot, etc. 

•    Lycoming College, BA (Bachelor of Arts) 

Director, Product Management, CRM (Grant Funded)
Museum of Science · November 2022 - Present · Boston, Massachusetts

  • Strategic CRM Leadership: Reporting directly to the Chief Digital Officer, I collaborate closely with digital, development, marketing, communications, membership, and visitor service teams to maximize the utilization of the CRM platform (including Salesforce, SF Marketing Cloud, Magento/Adobe Commerce, Ticketure, Stripe).  My role focuses on integrating these systems to drive engagement, revenue growth, and enhance satisfaction for both customers and CRM users.

  • CRM Customization and Data Utilization: I am responsible for tailoring the CRM platform to deliver targeted and personalized communications to customers, employing data analysis to unearth opportunities for revenue growth. Additionally, I lead efforts to gather feedback and continuously improve the customer experience, alongside providing comprehensive training and support to boost CRM user satisfaction.

Year One Outcomes:

  • Internalization and Platform Stabilization: Successfully pivoted from a fully external vendor-supported model to an internal management model, stabilizing the CRM platform to meet evolving business needs.

  • Financial and Strategic Management: Established spending and budget controls that significantly optimized financial operations. Defined the product roadmap and set strategic directions for sustained future growth.

  • Governance and Decision-Making: Implemented an Executive Steering Committee to guide key decisions and strategic initiatives, enhancing organizational alignment and decision-making efficiency.

Principal Consultant
P. A. Coughlin and Associates, LLC · Jun 2014 - Present · Atlanta, GA and Boston, MA

A boutique business and communications consulting firm committed to aiding clients in addressing business challenges through strategic business guidance, organizational development, optimization, and leveraging technology best practices. Focus Areas: 

  • Digital Strategy and MarTech Resolution: Expert in assisting business stakeholders with complex digital strategy issues and Marketing Technology (MarTech) challenges, ensuring alignment with business objectives.

  • Marketing and Communications Assessment: Skilled in assessing and understanding the maturity and needs of marketing and communications frameworks from the perspectives of people, processes, and systems.

  • MarTech Strategy Development: Proficient in crafting comprehensive MarTech strategies and solutions that span marketing, sales, and service domains, enhancing operational efficiency and market reach.

  • Omni-channel Experience Orchestration: Adept at orchestrating seamless omni-channel experiences using advanced marketing automation platforms and technologies such as Customer Data Platforms (CDP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and analytics.

  • Strategic Roadmap Planning and Execution: Collaborative in the planning and execution of strategic roadmaps that foster digital maturity and align with long-term organizational goals.

  • Insights on Digital Collaboration and D2C Systems: Knowledgeable in providing strategic insights into digital collaboration tools, business models, Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) systems, and demand generation through digital marketing.

  • Leadership in Marketing Modernization: Experienced in cultivating advanced marketing teams and capabilities that drive modernization in marketing operations, talent composition, and technology infrastructure.

Projects Include:
Senior Digital Product Manager - Martech (Consultant)
Albertsons Companies · Jan 2021 - Dec 2021 · San Francisco Bay Area

  • Implemented high-volume transactional communication channels utilizing Adobe Campaign, as part of a strategic transition from Salesforce to the Adobe ecosystem. This initiative, focusing on innovative products such as 'Drive Up and Go Hybrid' for online shopping and integrated pick-up and delivery models, enhanced marketing capabilities for 30 grocery brands on a single platform. My efforts led to significantly improved efficiency and effectiveness in our operations, reinforcing our competitive edge in digital marketing.

Senior Digital Product Manager-Digital Experience Management (Consultant)
Kaiser Permanente · Contract Jan 2020 - Dec 2020 · San Francisco Bay Area
Digital Marketing Cloud (Consultant)

  • Led the strategic integration of Personalization, Segmentation, and Platform Integrations within product management at Kaiser Permanente, optimizing near real-time Personalization across four key pillars to enhance user engagement and system efficiency. Collaborated directly with the Head of Digital Platforms and Global Foundations to drive transformative platform and technology strategies, significantly improving member delivery and user experiences. Played a pivotal role in the Center of Excellence team that spearheaded the organization's technology digital transformation, establishing robust digital foundations that improved system reliability and user satisfaction. Led the product team in deploying Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, including Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Adobe Analytics, enhancing digital experiences for millions of users. 

Verizon · Jun 2019 - Dec 2019 · Greater Atlanta Area

  • Engaged as a consultant by Verizon Wireless to assess Adobe Campaign Classic and Standard, I spearheaded the consolidation of transactional and marketing promotional communications onto a single platform. This strategic initiative aimed to leverage high-volume channels such as email, SMS, and PUSH notifications, with direct mail serving as a backup. My focus was on enhancing customer engagement and streamlining communication strategies, ultimately providing seamless and impactful interactions across all channels. The project significantly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of Verizon Wireless's marketing initiatives.

Adobe Campaign Program Manager (Consultant)
Cox Communications · Jun 2018 - May 2019 · Greater Atlanta Area 

  • Managed a multi-year conversion from IBM Unica and Oracle Responsys to Adobe Campaign, seamlessly integrating it into the Cox Communications Adobe Cloud Ecosystem. I played a pivotal role in supporting Legal Counsel and other departments to prepare for compliance with state and federal 'Right to Forget' laws, including CCPA and GDPR. This strategic initiative not only optimized our marketing operations but also ensured robust data privacy standards, significantly enhancing our compliance posture and customer trust.

Renaissance Portfolio Manager (Consultant)
Equifax · Jan 2016 - Jun 2017 ·Greater Atlanta Area

  • Chief Collaboration and Transparency Officer: I directed the Renaissance Portfolio's work streams and Go-to-Market (GTM) initiatives, overseeing the entire lifecycle of new product launches. My leadership ensured rigorous tracking of progress and adherence to quality standards across diverse areas including:

  • GTM Strategy and Product Design: Crafted and executed comprehensive go-to-market strategies, aligning product design with market needs to maximize reach and impact.

  • Integrated Marketing Campaigns: Spearheaded online marketing campaigns leveraging SEO, display advertising, public relations, and paid media, alongside robust email marketing strategies for lead generation, customer win-back, and engagement (welcome series). Managed extensive offline marketing campaigns to complement digital efforts.

  • Digital and Physical Presence: Oversaw website development, including the creation of impactful landing pages and marketing collateral, enhancing online user experience and brand visibility.

  • Customer and Operational Support: Enhanced customer support by developing training materials and conducting reviews to ensure service excellence. Managed business operational support functions including Business Continuity Planning (BCP), Business Process Management (BPM), and ensured compliance with legal, compliance, and security standards.

Head of Global Events, Digital User Experiences & Creative Services
MWV (MeadWestVaco Corporation) Now WestRock · 2010 - 2014 · Richmond, Virginia 

  • Developed, deployed, and managed MWV Global Events Center of Excellence as part of Communications Shared Business Service.

  • COE oversaw Creative Assets, Digital Experiences, Global Trade Shows, and Private Events for all MWV strategic business units, Divisions, and Corporate Centers.

  • Focused on maximizing company strategy through creativity, innovation, measurement, and optimization.

  • Designed and implemented MWV's global events marketing methodologies.

  • Established global events branding standards in under 6 months.

  • Leveraged a single-source global vendor contract to reduce events marketing costs across MWV businesses.

  • Consolidated 15+ vendors into one global agency of record within 8 months, resulting in savings exceeding 1+MM USD.

  • Introduced the use of quantifiable data to assess participation viability, set KPIs, and potential ROI for venue and channel selection.

  • Collaborated with Marketing Leadership and Brand Managers to streamline marketing opportunities and maximize budgets.

  • Introduced touch and non-touch interactive graphical assets for events, Global HQ, and Customer Experience Center.

  • Enabled effective communication of complex stories through advanced technologies, enhancing customer engagement.

  • Led global planning and execution teams with a hybrid internal and external team of over 25 members across NAR, CALA, APAC, and EMEA regions.

Director, Strategic Projects, Program Management Office and New Product Development
GSM Association · 2007 - 2009 · Atlanta, GA, London, United Kingdom and Barcelona, Spain

  • Reporting to the COO, led and managed a globally dispersed team at GSMA.

  • Oversaw an emerging portfolio of products, including Congresses, Exhibitions, Webinars, and Seminars, along with GSMA customer care functions.

  • Managed the program management office to position GSMA Ltd. for growth, cost reduction, and operational efficiency improvement. (GSMA Ltd., a wholly owned 100+ MM USD commercial subsidiary of the GSMA)

  • Collaborated across GSMA departments to develop new product business plans, involving research, strategy, positioning, branding, launches, partnerships, sales, collateral, and ROI review.

  • Successfully launched new for-profit events during an economic recession.

  • Optimized the event portfolio for maximum ROI and profitability.

  • Generated a new revenue stream of over 2+ Million USD in under 2 years.

  • Reduced Program Management Office costs by +2MM USD.

  • Improved customer care by optimizing technology, enhancing customer satisfaction, and reducing issue resolution time.

  • Led a hybrid internal/external team in launching an interactive registration system for GSMA Mobile World Congress.

  • Transitioned the project from San Francisco and London to Barcelona, replacing competing ecommerce sites with a unified Oracle-based platform.

  • Managed a team of 35 individuals to drive these accomplishments and contribute to organizational success.

Senior Manager/ Director -Global Events Marketing, Corporate CMO
Alcatel-Lucent (Previously Lucent Technologies now Nokia) ·1999 - 2007 · Murray Hill, NJ and Atlanta, GA

  • Managed experiential marketing projects in public and private venues.

  • Handled enterprise-wide projects involving multiple businesses and crossing cultural boundaries.

  • Managed budgets exceeding 5+ million USD.

  • Accountable for achieving project results, managing costs, implementing strategies, and tracking KPIs/ROI.

  • Oversaw employee management and optimized spending using measurable data metrics.

  • Utilized data metrics for lead generation, audience profiling, and market research.

  • Assessed participation viability and potential ROI for decision-making.

  • Guided decisions for future venues and marketing channels aligned with corporate initiatives.

  • Oversaw project management for various programs and developed comprehensive marketing communications plans.

  • Defined themes, key messages, marketing opportunities, advertising initiatives, and technology briefs.

  • Provided staff training and ensured clear communication with all team members, including senior leadership.

  • Led planning and execution teams of over 100+ people from project inception to completion.

  • Offered on-site management expertise to vendors and staff at all organizational levels.

  • Implemented proactive budget controls and corrective actions, reducing project costs by over 1+ million USD annually.

  • Represented Lucent Global Events COE and contributed to the development of in 2002.

  • Assigned to the Web Content team for re-branding communications materials during the Lucent-Alcatel merger in 2007.

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